Top 5 Hotels (Places) to stay in Paris in 2022

If you are a traveling lover, and you never visited Paris before, there are two options, you either dream of visiting it, or you already planned your journey to this incredible city. Paris is one of the most visited cities all over the globe so you can immediately suggest that there is a reason for that. Well, actually, the capital of Paris is not only one of the most preferred destinations for people, who love to see incredible views and of course, the popular Eiffel Tower, but also for people who are interested in many other sights, which we will describe in the next section. In today’s article, we from, are also going to give you the best 5 Hotels (Places) to sta when you go to Paris. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump straight to why Paris is that popular.


Why you should consider visiting Paris?


As many of you probably know, Paris is one of the most visited cities in all over the world, it attracts millions of visitors every single year. So, it could not be just the Eiffel Tower, right. Well, that’s correct, Paris is not only popular with its famous Eiffel Tower but also for:


  • Delicious French Cuisine – You will be amazed at how incredible the food in Paris is, you can taste meals that you never imagined even exist,
  • Famous Landmarks – In Paris, the Eiffel tower is only one of the landmarks that you can see, there are also:
    • The Louvre Museum,
    • Notre Dame Cathedral,
    • Arc De Triomphe,
    • Sacre-Coeur Basilica,
    • The Palais Garnier, 
  • The Parks and Gardens  – The parks and the Gardens that Paris has are another reason, why you should visit that city. In all of those gardens, you are able to take a break, and relax in the incredible nature of France,
  • Art Collections – Even if you are not a fan of Art, you cannot underestimate the power of French Art Collections. You at least heard of the Mona Lisa, which is only a small part of what the Louvre and other museums have to offer you,
  • The Cafe Nature – If you go to Paris, you will probably see that the cafeterias are around every corner, well that’s actually because the culture of the city is related to coffee. For people who live there, it is a must to relax after a long day at work, start the day, or take a short break in a cafe, drinking incredible coffee with your friends, colleagues, or family. 


Is it affordable to visit Paris?


It is not a secret that Paris is not one of the cheapest destinations that you can visit, but that doesn’t mean it is not worth it. Actually, it is a must to visit Paris if you are a traveling lover. If you are on a budget, but you still want to visit it, do not worry, there are plenty of hotels, which offer quite cheaper deals, especially if you book your trip earlier. Basically, if you want to enjoy visiting Paris, you should plan your journey at least a few months earlier, and book your hotel and tickets earlier. To help you with that, we from, are going to give you some of the best hotels in Paris. 


Here are the Top 5 Hotels to stay in Paris


In our top 5 list, we not only included some of the cheapest hotels in Paris, but also some luxurious hotels, which without any doubt have the ability to make your feel special and spend some incredible time staying at them. Here they are:

Le Regent Montmartre by Hiphophostels



The Le Regent Montmartre is one of the most preferred hotels in the heart of Paris. The hotel has many amenities, which can make your stay in it memorable. There is a 24/7 reception, an option for airport transportation, delicious French breakfast, lobby bar, and many more.


  • Pricing: We found the cheapest deal for you, just 102 € per night,
  • Rating: 8/10.


Victoria Hotel Paris



The second hotel that we want to present to you today, is the Victoria Hotel Paris, which is only 0.5 km from the center of Paris. Of course, the hotel offers lobby bars, incredible breakfast, airport transportation, free Wi-Fi, and a lot more.


  • Pricing: Just 82 € per night,
  • Rating: 8/10.


Roi de Sicile Rivoli 4*



Roi do Sicile Rivoli is one of the most luxurious 4* hotels in Paris. No matter that it is a little bit more expensive, it offers you many benefits, probably the major one being the location of the hotel, and its service. 


  • Pricing: The price per one night starts from 299€
  • Rating: 9/10 


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Le Clos de l’Olivier



Le Clos de l’Olivier is another luxury hotel in Paris, which is quite close to all of the sights that you can see in the city. Of course, the service and options that the hotel offers are limitless. If you are not on a budget, probably, Le Clos de l’Olivier is one of the best options for you.


  • Pricing: Starting at 237€ per night,
  • Rating: 9//10


Hotel Le Milie Rose



Another 4* hotel in the heart of Paris is Hotel Le Milie Rose, which again is very luxurious and not quite a cheap hotel, however, it is worth every euro. Hotel Le Milie Rose is one of the options you have for a very luxurious hotel but at a price lower than the other hotels in the area. 


  • Pricing: Starting at 169€ per night,
  • Rating:  9/10.


Frequently Asked Questions for Visiting Paris


Q: Which hotels are the best in Paris?
A: There are plenty of hotels in Paris, in which you can stay. However, some of them offer many luxury options for you, on a more expensive side, whereas there are others, which offer very cheap prices, but for fewer amenities.

Q: Is it expensive to visit Paris?
A: Unfortunately, Paris is still one of the most expensive destinations for tourists. But, do not worry, there are plenty of hotels in the city, which offer a lot of options for you, but for cheaper prices.

Q: How can I book my stay in Paris?
A: Booking a hotel in Paris is quite easy, you just have to choose a hotel by visiting Agoda, and find the best option for you, depending on your budget, and what you like.

Q: Why does Paris attract that many tourists every year?
A: Paris attracts millions of tourists every single year. The city is not only popular with the majestic Eiffel Tower but also for many other sights, like the Louvre, the parks, and gardens, and many others. 


In Conclusion


Paris is one of the most preferred locations for tourists from all over the world. Every year, millions of people head straight to France, and more specifically to its capital, to see the amazing sights, like the Louvre, or the famous Eiffel Tower, also to take a break in the many parks and gardens, of course, to taste the amazing French cuisine and its wide selection of cheese. Do not forget about the many cafeterias, which happen to be on every corner in Paris. Overall, the city is worth visiting, from this article, you not only know why you should consider visiting it, but also where to book your stay, and which hotel to choose, no matter what your budget is. 

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